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We bought her from a pet store and paid $900 Dollars. Have records. We would keep her but she is much larger than told and we don't have the room for her and she easily escapes our fence by leaping over it. This is not good in a subdivision. I also am extremely allergic to her. She is micro chipped and has had her puppy shots. We have all the records for you. She is very sweet and energetic. She needs room to be able to run. She is good with my 2 year old son but tends to knock him over a lot and so I would not recommend for young children. We are asking $300 being we have put a lot of money into her and she is still young. On 4/30 she will be 1. The Sire was English Bulldog and the Dam was Boston/Bull. In Jan her last vet visit she weighed 30LBS. Phone 574-361-xxxx