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..xxxx INDIAN CHIEF, UNRESTORED, GARAGE FIND. This is a true old garage find xxxx Chief. Cleaned the carburetor and the tanks and she fired up and ran. It has a Linkert M-344 Carburetor. According to my friend that knows Indians the details that make it a '52 or '53 are the squared rear fender at the battery opening and the frame has the sunken battery position. Also the clutch mount is raised higher than the earlier models and the right rear floor board support is different for the low hung exhaust. The right side gas tank is a little cruddy inside. It will need to be cleaned and maybe sealed. The left side looks good. The oil tank looks good. The speedo is a BSC and shows xxxxK. The windshield (what is left of it) is a true Buco. The rear brake DOES NOT work but the front DOES work well. The handle bars look straight but the back of the motolight headlight has a small crack where it bolts on.The fenders are metal. The tank emblems are missing but looking inside the tanks, the mounting lugs appear to be there. The only case repair I see is on the outer primary where the generator pully goes. I see no other welds or repairs. The tires are very old GoodYear.